The Church of God in the Bronx - FCC Bronx

Oct 22, 2023

About FCC Bronx

FCC Bronx (First Christian Church Bronx) is a leading religious organization that serves as a beacon of faith and community engagement in the heart of the Bronx, New York. Our mission is to spread the teachings of the Church of God, fostering spiritual growth, inclusivity, and love among the diverse population of the Bronx.

Our Services and Programs

At FCC Bronx, we offer a range of services and programs to cater to the spiritual, educational, and social needs of our members and the wider community.

Worship Services

Our worship services provide a sacred space for individuals and families to unite in worship and connect with God. With powerful sermons, uplifting music, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, our services create an environment where people can draw closer to God and experience His presence.

Children and Youth Ministries

We believe in nurturing the spiritual growth of young minds. Our dedicated children and youth ministries provide age-appropriate lessons, activities, and events that instill strong Christian values and help young people develop a personal relationship with God. From Sunday school to youth retreats, we strive to create a supportive and inspiring environment for the next generation.

Adult Education and Bible Study

For those seeking to deepen their understanding of the Bible and Christian teachings, we offer various adult education and Bible study programs. Led by experienced pastors and knowledgeable leaders, our classes encourage meaningful discussions, critical thinking, and practical application of biblical principles in daily life.

Community Outreach

As a community-centric church, we are actively involved in outreach initiatives that aim to address the needs of the Bronx residents. Our programs include food drives, clothing donations, and partnering with local organizations to make a positive impact. We believe that serving others is an essential aspect of living out our faith.

The Church of God - Our Beliefs

The Church of God, to which FCC Bronx belongs, is a worldwide Christian denomination that holds fast to the Bible as its foundational authority. We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit as the Divine Trinity. Our faith is centered on salvation through Jesus' sacrifice, water baptism by immersion, and a commitment to living a Christ-centered life.

Join Us at FCC Bronx

If you are looking for a welcoming and vibrant church community in the Bronx, we invite you to join us at FCC Bronx. Regardless of your background, age, or life experiences, you will find a place where you can worship, grow, and connect with others who share your faith journey.

Location and Service Times

We are conveniently located at 123 Main Street, Bronx, NY. Our regular worship services are held every Sunday at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. We also have midweek Bible studies and various events throughout the year. Check our website or contact us for the most up-to-date information.

Contact Information

  • Phone: 123-456-7890
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
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FCC Bronx is an exceptional religious organization in the Bronx, dedicated to spreading the teachings of the Church of God and fostering spiritual growth among its members. Through worship services, educational programs, community outreach, and a supportive community, FCC Bronx provides a meaningful and fulfilling spiritual home for individuals and families in the Bronx. Join us and experience the transformative power of faith, love, and community at FCC Bronx!

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